The Story

I grew up playing the violin and guitar. I found the GuitarViol a few years ago while I was looking for a way to combine the power, sustain and vocal quality of the bowed instrument with the harmonic and accompaniment ability of the electric guitar. I built a couple of mediocre prototypes, did some research on google, and found Jonathan Wilson of Togaman guitars. He has been building these GuitarViols for years, which he refers to as 'bowed guitars," and what I think of as something like a guitar/cello hybrid. I began to work with him building GuitarViols. Together we built dozens, one of which is now my electric GuitarViol.

I have spent the last few years developing my sound and technique on the GuitarViol for accompaniment for other artists and solo work on my own music. For demos of studio sessions, check out the recording page. For live videos, check out the video page. For my singer/songwriter stuff, check out

Please contact me with any question about the music or the instrument.